Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance may seem like an unnecessary cost but you may not be able to afford not to be covered if something goes wrong. Imagine if you lost everything in a fire, theft or other accident or if you caused damage to someone else or their property. How could you afford to pay for the loss? For a relatively small cost you and your business can be protected in the event of loss or damage.

An insurance broker has expertise in insurance that most people do not. Your broker will generally act for you and works with you to understand your risks and source appropriate insurance cover to manage those risks. Your broker will obtain quotes to help you assess the cover you want at the most cost effective price. If you have a claim your broker will support you through the process.

You and you broker will work together to devise an insurance package to manage your risk needs. You will determine whether the risk of not having insurance if you suffer a loss is one you can afford.

If you do not have adequate insurance cover you may not be able to afford to replace what you have lost or meet the costs of a claim made by a third party against you. Your broker can help you assess how much insurance you need.

Employers must have workers compensation insurance at law. Drivers must have compulsory third party cover.

In addition you may enter certain commercial arrangements that require you to hold certain types of insurance such as liability insurance.

After discussing your business activities and understanding your risks an appropriate insurance programme can be developed for your needs.