Transport operators need personal cover

20 July 2020

Atia Insurance Services has developed a personal accident and sickness policy specifically for transport operators, owner-drivers and others working in the transport and logistics industry.

Long-term injuries suffered in an accident or becoming seriously ill is not something any of us like to contemplate, however the possibility of this happening at some point in your life is very real.

If something unfortunate should happen it gives you and your family great piece of mind to know you have appropriate insurance cover in place so your personal finances are not impacted.

Atia’s personal accident and sickness insurance provides a number of benefits in the event of death, permanent disability or temporary disablement. These can include lump sum or weekly payments as well as covering weekly business expenses.

For the self-employed owner-driver the ramifications of spending an extended period off work can be significant. These include the potential loss of haulage contracts, an inability to cover work-related expenses such as vehicle finance payments as well as meeting household and personal living expenses without an income.

Depending on their business-structure, owner-drivers may not have workers compensation insurance and will need personal insurance in the event of an accident at work.

Personal accident and sickness insurance also covers accidents outside the workplace and ensures you still earn an income if you are unable to work.

If you suffer a serious injury and become permanently disabled then you will be entitled to a lump sum payout. For temporary disablement the cover typically provides weekly benefits paid for up to 52 weeks. 

A bonus for the self-employed owner-driver is that personal accident and sickness insurance premiums are tax-deductible.

Transport fleet operators face the same issues on a personal level and also need to consider ongoing business expenses as well as the benefits of providing personal accident and sickness cover for employees.

Fleet operators can take out a group cover that protects the business and provides an employment benefit to staff. The policy can cover business expenses and reduce financial losses as a result of employee downtime. 

Those who work in transport often find it difficult or excessively expensive to obtain personal insurance as the industry is considered “high risk” by the insurance sector.

Atia addresses this by providing cost-effective and practical insurance solutions that are tailored to specific needs and draw on the knowledge Atia has gained from working with transport operators for over three decades.

For more information or to discuss specific policy details with Atia staff complete an enquiry request or call Atia on 03 9642 4622.