Financial and Political Risk Insurance

Atia Insurance Services provides specialised insurance advice and cover in one of the most complex of areas — financial exposure. 

Financial and political risk insurance provides a safety net for businesses with exposures. Atia’s customised insurance solutions can help you reduce your risk and realise opportunities.

Credit insurance

Credit insurance is designed to protect your trade debtor assets against losses arising from events such as buyer insolvency, licence cancellation, payment default, import/export embargoes, non-delivery of pre-paid goods, contract repudiation or political events.

Atia works closely with clients to identify and analyse individual requirements in this complex field. We arrange the most appropriate insurance so you can carry out your business activities with peace-of-mind.

Credit insurance can help secure additional finance, provide confidence for business expansion, surety for business acquisitions and protect your cashflow and profits.

Political risk

Political risk insurance provides security to those operating in the global marketplace. As developing and emerging markets can be particularly volatile there is a need to offset business growth opportunities against the risks associated with operating in a capricious environment. 

Protection may be needed against unstable political climates and unforseen changes in government policy that can lead to agreements being dishonoured, expropriation and restrictions on financial transactions.

Atia provides political risk insurance to business owners, exporters, importers, investors, contractors, lenders, non-government organisations and others. 

The type and level of insurance provided is determined in close consultation with our clients after a detailed analysis of the risks in the markets in which they operate.